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Improve on check valve structure

swing check valve

In the original swing check valve disc adding hydraulic slowly-closing vice valve (figure 1). In the vice valve, under the disc screw and use both side or connected to the normal flow, medium, medium pressure when the valve opens, vice valve opens, medium will flow through the small vice valve outlet valve, the valve inlet pressure, the main valve disc, the main valve opens and equilibrium pressure, Media, the main valve upstream disc in countercurrent medium speed, and upper body shut, vice deputy for buffer cylinder, upper body revolving valve cover a hole on the cover, vice disc stem to live with a certain plug gap, air cushion between piston and cylinder by rubber sealing ring type O, piston, lower and the disc sealing for plane, When the vice disc along with the main valve disc close and closed because vice valve cover the holes, mass flow through the holes gradually interfaces on a cylinder valve buffer vice cavities, part of medium by vice disc and the clearance between the piston rod backflow valve piston, vice is slow. The structure of the main valve shut off stage, equivalent to fast valve shut slowly closing stages according to slow, pumping hydraulic and mechanical units to illustrate the design of structure transition mechanism can be effective in preventing water hammer booster.

lift check valve

Movements of check valve and bottom valve, it can keep the pump suction water column (2) by, This valve is characteristic of structure improvement in the disc and body adding YiHuan closed between stents vice valves are shown in figure 2.
Body and adding a cushion between net, to supplement disc height of rose, Slow piston and cylinder cushion USES flush, disc rubber seal axial piston rigid connection, buffer cylinder and disc axial gap between smaller. When the medium pressure, the medium open when parallel disc into the body cavity and promote buffer piston moves, When the medium, because back cushion inside when opening cylinder, and already full of medium with disc shaft buffer cylinder is small, so gap between with buffer cylinder media through the gaps, gradually the disc close, make the pipe has cushioning water hammer pressurization can control (figure 2).

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